Donut Crazy Opens in Branford TODAY!

CTbites Team

Donut Crazy, a local, family-owned eatery specializing in unique donut flavors (lovingly called Dailies and Crazies), today announced the opening of its newest location in Branford. Housed in the newly renovated 972 West Main Street, the take-out restaurant offers the full Donut Crazy menu.

Conveniently located in a bustling part of town, the approximately 500-square-foot store is dine-out only, but incorporates the same fun, funky atmosphere as Donut Crazy’s other popular locations. The comprehensive menu includes 45 varieties of donuts baked daily, avocado toast, breakfast sandwiches, and Dr. Smoothie products, as well as Rise Brewing Co.’s nitro coffee and chocolate milk on draft.

“The response from the Branford community since we announced our plans to open up shop here has been overwhelmingly enthusiastic,” said Jason Wojnarowski, the creator and owner of Donut Crazy. “We are ecstatic to be able to offer our full range of creative concoctions to even more donut-loving customers, and can’t wait to release some flavors exclusive to Branford!”

Business partners Matt Thurston and Arnie Jandreau (Donut Crazy Branford) are licensing the Branford location. This marks Donut Crazy’s first venture into a licensing structure, which it hopes will allow the brand to continue to grow while keeping the same homemade, hands-on approach.

“We are thrilled to become part of the Donut Crazy family,” said Thurston. “Jason and his team have made everything a breeze. We are looking forward to supplying Branford and its shoreline with Donut Crazy’s delicious, adventurous donuts for years to come.”

The opening of the Branford store sets the tone for Donut Crazy’s ambitious expansion plans for 2018. In addition to its other current locations in Shelton, Stratford, New Haven, and Westport, Donut Crazy will be opening a full-service shop in West Hartford slated for Spring 2018.

To learn more, visit (WARNING: It will make you hungry.)

About Donut Crazy

Family-owned and operated, Donut Crazy has been serving up hot, fresh, and CRAZY donuts to Southern Connecticut since 2015. Previously a small coffee shop known as Donut Inc. in Stratford, the owners decided to bring all baking in-house, giving them the creative freedom to invent doughy sweet treats of all sizes, shapes, and flavors. Donut Crazy bakes over 45 varieties of donuts each day, making them available to customers in each of their five current locations—Shelton, Stratford, New Haven, Westport, and Branford. Upcoming locations include West Hartford opening in Spring 2018. Donut Crazy also offers other food and beverage items, as well as locally sourced coffee, chocolate milk, and nitro coffee on draft.