Farmer Patti Popp of Sport Hill Farm Named Farmer of the Year by Farmers' Almanac

Amy Kundrat
Photo Courtesy of Easton Courier

Photo Courtesy of Easton Courier

This just in from the Easton Courier. 

Farmers' Almanac has named Easton farmer Patti Popp of Sport Hill Farm their 2018 Farmer of the Year. 

Within its pages, the almanac honors the dedication, hard work and contributions farms make to the world and society. The Farmer of the Year award was created in an effort to recognize the farmers who do the hard work.

“The judging was tough,” Sandi Duncan Philom, managing editor, said.“We didn’t realize how genuinely inspired we would be by the stories of people who not only dedicate their lives to an occupation that’s often overlooked and overworked, but who also have such passion for growing and taking care of the animals and the land that feed the world.

“We read about farmers who were still farming well into their 90s, as well as people who recently made farming a way of life.”

But with the help of judges from the American Farm Bureau Federation, the Farmers’ Almanac chose three people to honor, and Popp is one of them.

Popp’s story and dedication caught the attention of the judges. She left a job in the medical field in 2001 to start farming and create Sport Hill Farm.

Popp has 40 acres of land, on which she grows vegetables and fruits. She also raises chickens for eggs and pigs for meat.

Her farm has a community-supported agriculture (CSA) program, as well as a “daily mini farmer’s market,” at which she sells other locally grown and baked goods from neighboring businesses.

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