Chef Matt Storch Opening Match Burger Lobster in Westport

Stephanie Webster

Chef Matt Storch (of Match and Nom Eez) is opening Match Burger Lobster this summer, a new fast casual concept. It will be located in the space next to Fleishers Craft Butchery, in the Saugatuck neighborhood of Westport, CT, just off Exit 17 on I-95 near the Westport train station. Are we excited? Yes, because the new restaurant will leverage our proximity to high quality, local ingredients: fresh seafood from Norm Bloom and Sons, and Northeast pasture-raised and humanely-handled beef, ground daily at Fleishers. Storch's opening menu will include classic lobster rolls, whole lobsters, a variety of burgers, local Copps Island oysters, paper-thin onion rings, donut milk shakes, wine and beer. Oh...and foot-long hot dogs from Fleishers.

"We are VERY excited to be attached to Fleishers, and just minutes from the Blooms!" said Storch. "To show off our partnership with Fleishers, we are keeping the pass open between the restaurant and the butcher shop, so that people can walk back and forth."

Storch's vision for Match Burger Lobster is a family-friendly spot that offers quick table service, as well as excellent take-out. His famed Match burger will be offered in both regular and mini versions, including a butter-dipped version that was previously only available on Thursday nights. Be sure to add on some crispy double-fried French fries to the mix, or wafer-thin onion rings, straight from Storch's grandmother's recipe box.

Let's not forget the seafood. Match Burger Lobster will feature lobster from two places: pulled out of Norwalk waters courtesy of Norm Bloom and Sons, and delivered fresh from Maine. The warm lobster roll is one of Connecticut's greatest culinary contributions, and at Match Burger Lobster, it will feature large chunks of pure lobster bathed in butter, served on a brioche roll. All of these dishes will be paired with local, seasonal veggies from Westport Farmers' Market. And to sweeten the end of the meal, pastry chef Susanne Berne will be showing off her skills with donut milk shakes and more.

Match Burger Lobster 580 Riverside Ave, Westport, CT 06880