Where Do Local Chefs Eat Out? Chef Emily Mingrone, Chef de Cuisine at Match

Stephanie Webster
Photo Credit: Winter Caplanson

Photo Credit: Winter Caplanson

We continue our series, "Where Do Local Chefs Eat Out," with Chef Emily Mingrone, who has recently taken over the helm as the new Chef de cuisine for Match Restaurant in South Norwalk.  

On the rare day or night you’re off from the restaurant where do you prefer to have dinner (If home what is your meal or food of choice)?

If the weather is warm you can always find me in front of the grill, steaks or salmon are usually my go to's with some fresh veggies.  In the colder months I’m a sucker for a good braise. Low and slow all day makes the house smell delicious.

When dining out, what is your favorite local restaurant? Why? Favorite dish?

Jerry San, Lao Sze Chuan or 7 Seas. Jerry San has incredible sushi, the fish is super fresh and his rice is the most perfect I’ve ever had. Good rice is the unsung hero of sushi. When it’s seasoned just right it’s a game changer. Toro (fatty tuna) is my all time fave when it’s available. Everything is good at Lao but my favorite has to be the whole bass with red and green chiles. It’s what dreams are made of. Also 7 Seas all summer for lobster rolls and the best soft shell crabs in the state.

Do you have a favorite local bar or watering hole?

I’m a sucker for dives (Matty’s Corner, Windsock), but also somewhat of a beer snob so it depends on my  mood. Lately I’ve been spending a lot of time at Liberty Rock Tavern.  But my all time favorite bar was the original Anchor in New Haven. RIP.

How about a secret hole in the wall or as of yet an undiscovered (by us) gem?

Gotta be the ultimate hole in the wall: S & S dugout. Hot sausage egg and cheese over easy with a side of griddled mash.

What’s your favorite restaurant in the tristate area, excluding Connecticut?

One of the best meals I have ever had was at Momofuku Ko, and Eleven Madison Park is amazing of course, but my heart typically lies in the holes in the wall where I can get something delicious.