Swanky Franks in Norwalk Closes After 60 Years...Here's Why

Stephanie Webster

They say that all good things must come to an end... After 60+ years in the city of Norwalk, and in our family...the Renzuella/ Satterfield family have decided to close the doors of The Original Swanky Franks... the sign on the door says it all...

This was posted to Facebook by Swanky Franks on May 6th. The shock and sadness felt by CT hot dog lovers and generations of guests who have fond memories of this classic roadside dive, was quite simply...palpable. 

CTbites spoke with Swanky Frank's owner Traci Satterfield Meriwether (whose grandfather purchased Swanky's in 1959). Merriwether said that while the decision to close the business was difficult, her reasons for shutting the doors for the last time were simple. "The biggest reason my husband and I decided to close was to get to spend more time with our 3 year old daughter. The restaurants business is not the easiest place to be if you have family." 

When we asked Meriwether what she would miss most about the day-to-day at Swanky Franks, she said without pause, "The thing I'll miss the most are the stories...stories about my grandparents, and the stories from guests who have been eating here for over 50 years." 

All of this classic hot dog stand's recipes were developed by Traci's grandfather back in 1959 and Swanky Franks menu really hadn't changed since day one.  Grilled hot dogs, fried hot dogs, "red hots," or spicy sausages, grilled cheese, fries and rings have been served at Swanky's for a lifetime. Traci's favorite item is the classic grilled hot dog. CTbites asked where she would recommend Swanky fans go for a hot dog now, she said "I really don't know." Personally speaking, we loved the fries. 

We ask you to share your Swanky Franks experiences with our readers as we say good-bye to a classic fixture in the food history of Connecticut. 

[Photo courtesy of Suzanne S via Yelp]