VUE 24 Eggs Benedict Recipe w/ Chorizo & Piquillo Pepper Ragout

Stephanie Webster

In celebration of National Eggs Benedict Day on April 14 we are pleased to share a delicious twist on this brunch menu item favorite, straight from the kitchen at Foxwoods Resort Casino’s VUE 24. Crafted by Chef Michael Yaffe, his version of the traditional eggs benedict recipe features a chorizo and piquillo pepper ragout for some added sweet and savory flavors.

VUE 24 Eggs Benedict

Poached Local Hen Eggs, Chorizo & Piquillo Pepper Ragout, Toasted Muffin, Hollandaise

Yields 3 servings


12 local hen eggs

2 quarts of water

2 tablespoons of white vinegar

1 lb raw chorizo out of casing

10 roasted piquillo peppers (skin and seeds removed)

1 Spanish onion (julienned)

6 English muffin halves

1 bunch chives (minced)

1 bunch water cress

1 lb butter melted (hot)

3 each Tablespoon EVOO

1 tablespoon lemon juice

Tabasco sauce to taste

Salt & black pepper to taste


Chorizo Ragout: Place medium sized pan over medium flame, and add EVOO and Spanish onions. Cook until soft. Add Piquillo peppers and then chorizo meat. Cook until meat is well done. Place in warmer, if possible.

Hollandaise Sauce: In a medium stainless steel bowl, separate six eggs (reserving yolks), add lemon juice, salt and pepper; whisk. Bring water to simmer in a small pot and place bowl over the top of the pot to create a double boiler. Slowly whisk in hot melted butter until viscosity is correct; add more salt, pepper and tabasco to taste. Place in warmer, if possible.

English Muffins: Toast 6 halves in toaster or oven until golden brown.

Poached Eggs: Bring water to boil, add vinegar and stir water on lower temp. Crack eggs directly in to the water and cook for 90 seconds. Remove poached eggs using a slotted spoon and remove excess water with paper towels.


Place two toasted English muffin halves on each plate and spoon equal parts chorizo ragout on each muffin. Place one poached egg on top of the ragout, ladle Hollandaise sauce on top of each egg and add minced chives on top of hollandaise. Garnish with watercress on plate.