Aperol Flip Recipe via Olives and Oil in New Haven

Katharine Ortiz

What is “electric Italian?”  It is defined by well executed small plates, wood fired pizzas, and perfectly rendered cocktails, all to be found at Olives and Oil in New Haven.  The menu is overseen and curated daily by Executive Chef and recent ’40 under 40’ winner John Brennan, who cooks traditional Italian cuisine in a funky retro location.  Superb visuals, food, and of course cocktails await you.  Olives and Oil was gracious enough to invite me in to sample a few of their cocktails recently.

We enjoyed a perfect Aperol Flip (recipe and tutorial below) as well as a classic Negroni Sbagliato - with a house pressed ice cube for JUST that finishing touch. Bartenders don’t ALWAYS give up their cocktails secrets, so enjoy making this at home or try it the next time you’re in New Haven. 

Olives and Oil also boasts Fernet on tap (a traditional bitter liqueur for the uninitiated) as well as a mysterious Fernet Milkshake - which I did NOT sample but I hope to try on my next trip here.

Aperol Flip

2 oz Uncle Val’s Gin

1 ozFresh lemon juice

1 oz Aperol

3 Dashes Orange Bitters

¾ oz Housemade simple syrup

 Pinch Salt

Egg White

Measure your ingredients - use the Reverse Dry Shake method (shake first with ice to chill/mix, then strain out the ice and re-shake with NO ice to help whip the egg whites into a beautiful foam)

Pour over ice into a collins glass and top with soda

Olives and Oil | 125 Temple St, New Haven CT | 203 891 5870 | http://olivesandoil.com