Viceroy Publik House Opening in Stamford: British & Indian Pub Fare + Live Music

CTbites Team

Taking a page from history, from what is now referred to as the “British Raj”, the British rule over the Indian subcontinent between 1858 and 1947, Viceroy Publik House pays homage to this now proud British and Indian cultural connect, offering a high energy English pub setting featuring London curry, pakoras and pints, and an edgy live music venue which is just as diverse as its menu. Located in Downtown Stamford, CT, Viceroy Publik House brings together these two cultures, rich in history and with a strong food and drink identity found in pubs throughout London. Viceroy will be opening in April of 2017. 

A Publik House, “Pub” for short, was artfully designed by the British, dating as far back as the 1300s. Its focus was that of a gathering place where beer and cider were merely offerings within the pub’s social or political confines.  Over the years the concept grew and other cultures (Irish, Canadian, Australian, etc) brought their own food, drink, and entertainment to these neighborhood haunts, often a product of a town or family’s legacy. Viceroy Publik House embraces its British namesake as the public face of the British presence in India, which ultimately carried with it strong Indian influences found throughout the British culture, namely its artistic and culinary presence.

Located in a bi-level townhouse at 211 Summer Street, music promoter and innovative Stamford restaurateur Eric Monte has created an elevated pub experience lifted from the streets of London. Shepherd’s pie, fish & chips, Faroe Island salmon, and bangers ‘n mash share space with spicy vindaloo, madras, and samosas, favored pub fare to be accompanied by a pint.

“The wheel has already been invented, “explains Monte, “Our goal was to simply create a style of restaurant and bar that spoke to the core values of a traditional English pub – historic influences and all.”

Owned by entrepreneur Ramya Lakshman, Viceroy Publik House enriches the dining scene along downtown Stamford’s “Little Summer Street”. Its entranceway is marked by the car hood of a vintage Triumph Bonnet, and suspended within the first floor’s picture window is a ‘68 Triumph Bonneville motorcycle, a product of the UK ethos. The street level dining room and bar is framed in carved mahogany wood and regal chandeliers, offering guests a menu filled with classic English pub fare, Indian curries, and libations presented in an intimate setting.

The Tiger Room, Viceroy’s second story alter ego and music lounge is home to Monte’s signature musicians’ den. Featured on The Tiger Room’s Heineken Stage is an on-going spirited jam session among underground musicians, pop culture artists, and rock ‘n roll royalty with national acclaim. Monte, a consummate host with either a menu or a microphone in hand, has assembled a house band which will be the backbone to a robust schedule of musicgenres, as well as the area’s first live music karaoke night.

211 Summer Street, Stamford, CT