Mixing Food and Feminism, Bloodroot Is 40 and Still Cooking via The NY Times

CTbites Team
Photo courtesy of The New York Times

Photo courtesy of The New York Times

The New York Times celebrates 40 years of food and feminism at one of CT's all time great eateries, Bloodroot

Four decades is a long time for any restaurant or bookstore to endure, and Bloodroot, which is both, is filled with history: vintage photographs, old movie posters and handwritten notes from fans, including the writers Audre Lorde and Adrienne Rich.

But the feminist enterprise — housed in a converted machine shop by the water, with gnarled pear trees and epazote growing wild out back — is no museum.

As Bloodroot celebrates its 40th anniversary this month, new fiction and zines pepper the shelves, and the vegetarian menu is alive and shifting, driven by its owners’ love for food and their joyful experimentation in the kitchen.

Business partners and friends, Selma Miriam, 82, and Noel Furie, 72, find inspiration from a network of bloggers and chefs, and in a vast cookbook collection — the pages of their favorites rough with ancient, crystallized splatters.

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