Where Do Local Chefs Eat Out? Chef Matt Storch of Match & Nom Eez

Jessica Ryan

Welcome to our 3rd installment of "Where Do CT Chefs Eat Out?" Do they prefer to go home and relax? Or do they like to go out? If the latter, what are some of their favorite places, locally and beyond? Do they might have any secret hole in the wall places and would they be willing to share these with us? We began our series with Matt Storch of Match and Nom Eez

On the rare day or night you’re off from the restaurant where do you prefer to have dinner? ( If home what is your meal or food of choice)?

Love Asian food so usually I am eating Sushi or eating from another region of Asia.  Pizza and salad at home with my family is always a great option and in the summer the Grill is always roaring and Steaks or Fish is on there!

When dining out what is your favorite (you can name more than 1) local restaurant? Why? Favorite dish? 

I love Liana’s for the chicken livers, fresh pasta, poletto and chocolate cake.  Love fortina for meatballs, garlic bread, pizza and pasta.  My boys favorite is sakura so we are there often eating hibachi and sushi

Do you have a favorite local bar or watering hole?

Not a big drinker so no not really.

How about a secret hole in the wall or as of yet undiscovered (by us) gem?

Nom eez is my secret gem…I eat there as often as possible, but when I am on the road between restaurants I grab food from a farmers market (tacos from Boxcar Cantina) sandwich from Golds Deli or Gaetano’s, dogs or the natural burger from super duper

What’s your favorite restaurant in the tristate area, excluding Connecticut?

Road Food is Rutt’s hut in Clifton NJ

Casual Spot is Paulie D’s burger or Bao House in Manhattan. Also Craft and Eleven Madison Park for higher end