Some of the Finest Chefs Aren't Found in Restaurants (sponsored post)

CTbites Team

There's always buzz about Fairfield County's finest restaurants and their chefs, and yet one of the most innovative chefs in the area isn't found in a restaurant at all. Chef John Craig is a bit of a renaissance man at the helm of the test kitchen inside Clarke, New England's Official Sub-Zero & Wolf Showroom and Test Kitchen in South Norwalk. 

On any given day, Chef Craig can be found innovating new recipes in the Wolf Convection Steam Oven at Clarke, taping a video with WNPR Radio's Food Schmooze host, Faith Middleton, and teaching her audience about the difference between conventional and convection ovens. At other times, he is demonstrating the amazing "Gourmet Modes" in Wolf's M Series Ovens to a group of designers or serving up a sumptuous Clarke cocktail party for a gathering of local real estate agents. 

Chef Craig is the epitome of culinary versatility. He designs menus, caters events, teaches homeowners how to maximize the results with their new Sub-Zero and Wolf appliances and more, all inside what many think is an "appliance showroom." In fact, with John's passion for fresh food, Clarke in South Norwalk has become known as one of the most singular culinary experiences in the region. He and the savvy showroom consultants at 64 South Main Street in SoNo have elevated the task of designing a kitchen from a confusing matrix of decisions to a sensual culinary experience that helps the homeowner envision what life can be like with these high-performance appliances, known as the most innovative in the world. 

Prior to joining Clarke in 2015, Chef Craig learned every facet of the food business by cooking for, supervising and managing at restaurants, catering companies and food retailers including Whole Foods. With an education that includes hotel management and business studies, as well as culinary arts, Chef Craig has served as sous chef, head chef, chef supervisor and executive chef throughout Connecticut. He has a passion for sourcing from local farmer's markets and communicating his love of cooking to homeowners throughout the region. 

When you are preparing to update your existing kitchen or planning a new one, you'll want to visit Clarke in South Norwalk. You are welcome to stop by during showroom hours or make an appointment for a private tour and an opportunity to test drive your favorite appliances to ensure you make the selections that will fit your lifestyle. Chef Craig is typically available to answer culinary questions and every showroom tour includes a Small Plate, an opportunity to taste the delicious results when cooking with Wolf.