Top Picks For Eating In With UberEATS

CTbites Team

In honor of UberEATS launching in Hartford, we’re rounding up our favorite spots that you can now order to your home, apartment, or office throughout Connecticut at the tap of a button with Uber’s new food delivery app.

The UberEATS app launched in Connecticut this past summer and it hasn’t taken us very long to get totally addicted to the on-demand food delivery platform. Ideal for next-level work lunches when it’s too hectic to leave the office, or dinner when the fridge is empty and you just can’t bring yourself to cook, UberEATS delivers from top restaurants across Fairfield, New Haven, and, as of last week, Hartford Counties. Here are some of our top picks across CT for great bites, delivered.

For when you’re ready to (literally) pig out...

Bear’s Smokehouse Barbeque (Hartford)

Bear’s Smokehouse Barbeque (Hartford)

Starting with UberEATS’ newest launch, Hartford, we’re beyond thrilled to be able to enjoy Bear’s Smokehouse BBQ’s succulent Kansas City-style pulled pork, brisket, ribs, and burnt-ends from the comfort of our own couch--which is exactly where we’ll be nursing the inevitable post-Bear’s food coma.

What to order: you can’t really go wrong at Bear’s but we’re partial to the Mac Attack, a plate of mac and cheese topped with the meat of your choice. Happy feasting!

For when you need to please the whole fam’

Westchester Burger Company (Stamford)

Westchester Burger Company (Stamford)

In the mood for a burger? Westchester Burger Company has just about every combination of ingredients that you can fit between two burger buns, as well as a slew of delicious sides, starters, and entrees. We pretty much guarantee that everyone from the picky eater to the foodie in your brood can find something they’re craving here--making it the perfect place to order family dinner from when you’d like to stay in and avoid the dishes.

What to order: the restaurant’s signature burger is a 10 oz. beef burger topped with smoked mozzarella, pickles, and their secret sauce, all on a brioche bun. This is not your average drive-through burger.

For when you’re sick of your sad desk lunch

Meat & Co. (New Haven)

Meat & Co. (New Haven)

Sure, you could settle for a homemade turkey sandwich when it’s crunch time at the office and you don’t have time to take a lunch break, but you really deserve to reward yourself for all that hard work. Look no further than Meat & Co., the Crown Street purveyors of some of the most inventive sandwiches we’ve ever heard of. Smoked trout, pan tendrils, and ladybird dressing? These are ingredients you may never have heard of but won’t soon forget. Warning: your coworkers are likely to get jealous when this gourmet grub rolls up to your office, courtesy of UberEATS.

What to order: the Rick Reuben is composed of pastrami, cardamom braised red cabbage slaw and cheddar cheese on a pretzel bun. Or, for the more adventurous palettes, you can sub in tongue as your meat.

To order from these and other top CT restaurants, download the UberEATS app or order online at Our friends at UberEATS are offering CTBites readers $10 off their first order using the code CTBITES10 at checkout. Let us know what you’re ordering!

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