Layla's Falafel Opening in Westport w/ Delicious Authentic Middle Eastern Fare

Stephanie Webster

Layla's Falafel, with their delicious and authentic Middle Eastern menu, is opening in Westport in late April. Offering a full menu of authentic Middle Eastern cuisine, Layla’s (named for its owner) serves up well-priced, flavorful and fresh fare. Ideal for takeout, a quick lunch or a pre-movie pit-stop, it’s a solid alternative to your standard takeout repertoire. Previously only found on Black Rock Tpke, their new location will be at 1537 Post Road East in Westport. 

What do we like to eat at Layla's? Well...everything, but some standouts are The Arabic Chicken Shawerma with marinated grilled chicken rolled in a toasted wrap accompanied with garlic dip, divine creamy homemade hummus and a traditional Middle Eastern salad. The “famous” garlic dip is a heavenly concoction; we end up dipping everything in it. The salad is lightly dressed, with tomatoes, cucumbers and a unique blend of seasoning. With just the right consistency, the hummus is creamy with hints of lemon and tahini.

We also like the Falafel Deluxe Platter, served with hummus, tahini and salad.Made from dried garbanzo beans and spices, then fried to a golden brown, these falafel have a very crispy outside and a soft inside. The real kicker here is the fried eggplant that comes with this dish…so good, 

Layla’s Shawerma Sandwich boasts the Middle Eastern specialty of marinated, vertically grilled chicken and lamb. A zesty combination of both meats thinly sliced, white onion, parsley and a creamy sauce will satiate a yen for meat, on-the-go.

Other dishes of note include the Middle Eastern version of rice and beans, Mujadara, made with lentils and seasoned rice; the Fattoush Deluxe, a traditional salad topped with chicken shawerma or kabob, served with the luscious garlic dip; and for vegetarians, the Maza Platter Deluxe – falafel, hummus, baba ghanoush (a chunky puree of roasted eggplant and garlic)stuffed grape leaves and tabbouleh (a salad of cracked wheat, parsley, tomatoes, mint, onions, lemon juice and olive oil). And don't miss the freshly made pita. 

Not only is Layla’s fare authentic and tasty, it’s replete with wholesome ingredients that will satisfy both vegetarian and meat-eating diners. It is an excellent value, and with its casual surroundings, a kid friendly find for the more adventurous young eaters. Layla's also offers catering services which is a great way to enjoy these Middle Eastern flavors, without standing in line!

Layla’s Falafel has 3 other locations, open for lunch and dinner:

2088 Black Rock Tpke, Fairfield. 203.384.0100

936 High Ridge Road, Stamford. 203.461.9538

245 Main Street, Stamford. 203.316.9041

1537 Post Road East, Westport (coming soon)