Two Stamford Chefs Compete on Same Episode of Food Network’s, “Chopped”

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Over the last several years, we’ve shared news with you about a handful of local chefs and restaurateurs who have competed on the Food Network’s competition show, “Chopped“.

Most notable have been Christian Petroni, Chef & co-owner of Fortina, who appeared as both a contestant and a judge.  Adam Greenberg, who was with Fortina when he first competed (and has since made his way to DC) competed on the show multiple times (coincidentally appearing again on December 5th).  And of course, there’s Aaron Sanchez,  a constant fixture on both “Chopped” and other Food Network shows.  You may recall Sanchez owned and operated Paloma in Harbor Point which has since closed their doors. On top of that, there’s also been a handful of local kids on the junior version of the show.

So that’s all pretty cool! But as far as I am aware, we’ve yet to see multiple Stamford chefs compete on the same show….. UNTIL NOW!

On December 7th, Stamford’s own, Steve Costanzo, owner & chef at Olio and Chef Jean J, chef & co-owner at Soul Tasty will put their culinary skills to the test on the SAME SHOW!

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