Ore Hill & Swyft Opens in Kent this November

Amy Kundrat

In a letter to friends, Joel and Audra Viehland announced the November opening of a new restaurant, Ore Hill & Swyft in Kent, Connecticut. Formerly of Community Table, Chef Joel Viehland is opening the restaurant in two stages, accommodating two distinct dining experiences. We eagerly await their return!

It’s been over two years since Audra and I started off on this new adventure. I’m very happy to (finally!) announce that we are opening a new restaurant in Kent, Connecticut.

Located in a historic building downtown, Ore Hill &
Swyft will offer both fine and casual dining. The first stage of the restaurant, Swyft, will open in November, featuring wood-fired pizza, creative small plates, pastas, rustic entrees and a signature burger, rounded out with a large selection of craft beers and natural wines. Brunch will follow soon.

In the coming months, we will open Ore Hill, the fine dining half of the restaurant. The carefully curated tasting menu will be based
upon the finest quality ingredients — some of which we are growing and raising in close collaboration with Rock Cobble Farm a few miles away in South Kent. We will be more focused on the seasons than ever before. For example, in preparation for winter, we have been foraging, preserving, pickling and fermenting as much as possible. As the Ore Hill menu takes shape, we are having fun testing and tasting in preparation for your visit.

We are truly looking forward to seeing you again in our new home. In the coming days, we will announce the opening date for
Swyft, as well as when reservations and holiday event bookings will begin to be taken.

Thank you, and stay tuned!

Joel and Audra Viehland

Ore Hill & Swyft

3 Maple Street

Kent, CT