Walter's Hot Dogs Opens Today in Stamford's Harbor Point

Andrew Dominick

Walter's Hot Dogs opens today in Stamford at 200 Commons Park South at Harbor Point. This 100-year-old hot dog institution is serious business and has ton of accolades. At the Stamford location, customers can expect all the good stuff that’s made Walter’s a popular destination for locals and tourists alike; curly fries, fried potato puffs, homemade hand-scooped ice cream and Italian ice, and funnel cake fries dusted with powdered sugar. Additionally, you’ll be able to enjoy a Walter’s item that was previously only available on their food trucks, the Puffy Dog, a hot dog (or double it, if you dare) served with fried and smashed potato puffs in the bun. 

If you’re new to Walter’s, you obviously need to get out more, but for those few unfamiliar folks, here’s a little background. Walter’s opened in Mamaroneck in 1919 as a hot dog stand, that got transformed into a Chinese-style pagoda 1928, and is now a nationally registered historic landmark. For 98 years and counting, this family-owned business has been cooking-up their own recipe veal, beef, and pork blend hot dogs, that get grilled in a secret sauce, drizzled with their own mustard, and served in a perfectly toasted bun. 

The menu will reflect our trucks and our stand - the classic Single hot dog and Double hot dog, but also our truck specials; the Puffy Dog, Double Puffy Dog, and Bavarian Pretzel Dog (swap out our regular toasted bun with a toasted Bavarian pretzel bun)! We'll have our classic milkshakes but also will be serving soft-serve ice cream in cups and cones which we've never done before! 

UberEATS delivery will be available. We also do it from Mamaroneck and our food trucks. 

They will be open everyday; Sunday - Thursday 11-7:30, Friday and Saturday 11-9:30. 

Walter's Hot Dogs  200 Commons Park South, Stamford, Harbor Point