Colchester’s Cato Corner Farm Expanding its Artisanal Cheese-making Operation via CT Magazine

CTbites Team

Colchester cheesemaker Mark Gillman has a lot of irons in the fire. For one, he and his business partner (and mother) Elizabeth MacAlister were recently awarded two significant grants: one from the U.S. Department of Agriculture and the other from the state Department of Agriculture. The combination of these awards will fund important functional changes at Cato Corner Farm, their 75-acre, 45-cow cheesemaking operation.

The grants will effectively double the amount of cheese-aging and production space at the farm, support the construction of a cooler specifically designed for blue cheese — which requires storage temperatures about 10 degrees lower than other cheeses to develop its ideal creamy texture without an ammonia flavor — and for a new and improved retail shop.

Another new addition to the farm will be a pasteurizer that will allow milk acquisition from other local farms in order to develop a new line of cheeses.

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