Gluten Free? Oui! at Garelick & Herbs (sponsored post)

Stephanie Webster

Gluten Free? Oui! at Garelick & Herbs

It’s easier than ever to choose gluten free at Garelick& Herbs. We’ve been using gluten free labels in our prepared food case, and now we’re adding the labels to the food in our grab and go refrigerated case and in house bakery items!

In the entrees, there are now pasta dishes such as Pasta Primavera with fresh basil and sun dried tomatoes, a fabulous Potato “pasta” with Pesto- positively addictive whether you are gluten free or not.  We have translated our Chicken Francais and Chicken Cutlets recipes to make them GF too. 

Garelick & Herbs bakers have recreated their signature brownies and muffins to be gluten free.  Each day we are adding cookie selections.

Garelick & Herbs soups are all house made. Our philosophy has always been to create healthy food that tastes delicious. We’ve expanded our vegan and vegetarian options and our new labeling makes it simple 

Now it is easy to host a gluten free holiday or have options for your guests.  We’ve created memorable dishes that no one notices are gluten free.

Stop by and visit your nearest Garelick and Herbs.

Our gluten free food puts everyone in a good mood.  You’ll say oui too!