10 Questions with Peter Crawford of Darien Butcher Shop

Amy Kundrat

Darien native and chef Peter Crawford is the culinary braun behind lower Fairfield County's newest destination butchery, The Darien Butcher Shop. The shop focuses on high quality meat and gourmet specialty products, as well as events and catering, not to mention hot pressed sandwiches if you're looking for a new lunch option. 

We had a chance to chat with Peter, and wanted to know what this carnivore cooks for himself, his preferred cut of meat, and his most memorable meal.

Why did you become a butcher?

I am not a butcher I am actually a chef, I am however very knowledgeable in the field of butchery, having worked at top restaurants I was working with the best.  I knew Darien needed some of that. We have a cheese shop and an olive oil shop so a fantastic butcher shop was something I needed to do.

What is the last dish you cooked for yourself?

A full 30-day dry aged rib roast for Christmas with loads of DBS sides.  It was the easiest meal I ever cooked and wow, it was delicious.  

Last place you ate out at?

J.G. Mellons with my brother, I never get sick of that place!

Guilty food pleasures?

Besides bacon, I am assuming?  Bacon Cheese Burgers with a pickle and ketchup -no lettuce or tomato- with triple fried French fries and mayonnaise.

What ingredient, or cut of meat, could you not live without?

Rib eye, it has this ethereal effect.  I can’t put my finger on it but it will quiet the caveman in me, where others won’t.

DBS offers hot pressed sandwiches for lunch.

The chef or butcher you'd most like to spend the day with is... Why?  

Daniel Humm. Daniel is the absolute best chef I have come across in my career.  His vision is so clear and his creativity is mind expanding, but most importantly his food is just incredible.

What is in your fridge?

Bratwurst, Ny Strip and Foie Gras 10 varieties of hot sauce and mayonnaise

What was your worst kitchen nightmare? 

Cooking for some investors at their house a couple of years ago, only to find that they didn’t have any of the basics like salt, a whisk, oil or BUTTER!

What is your most useful kitchen tool or appliance?

My cooking fork.  It is an extension of my arm.      

Most memorable meal?

Aureole 1999, I was blown away by the food of Gerry Hayden.  Full beautiful plates with exotic items that tasted excellent!!  Tuna stuffed with foie gras, scallop sandwich, shrimp and grapefruit ceviche -- the food was so balanced and well executed.     When you’re not cooking, you’re… Eating, I love exploring and find that eating is a cultural experience best shared with friends who can hold a conversation.