Where Do Local CT Chefs Eat Out? Cody of Hoodoo Brown BBQ

Jessica Ryan

Welcome to our 2nd installment of "Where Do CT Chefs Eat Out?" Do they prefer to go home and relax? Or do they like to go out? If the latter, what are some of their favorite places, locally and beyond? Do they might have any secret hole in the wall places and would they be willing to share these with us? We began our series with Chris Gonzales of Hapa Food Truck. Next up, we speak with Cody of Hoodoo Brown BBQ.

Cody - Hoodoo Brown BBQ

On the rare day or night you’re off from the restaurant where do you prefer to have dinner?

Between running the restaurant and doing the overnight cooks 2-3 nights a week, I don't go out much and have a lot of time when I do. I like fast places and I love burgers. Prime Burger in Ridgefield is my go to. In between my home and Hoodoo it's a perfect quick meal. Great burgers. Love a place that grinds their own meat, makes for such a good burger. My typical order, Prime burger, cheddar, bacon, avocado and prime sauce with a side of their crispy waffle fries. Had one tonight and man it hit the spot. 

When dining out what is your favorite (you can name more than 1) local restaurant? Why? Favorite dish?

I have a few favorites. Hard to nail it down to one. Huge fan of Fortina and everything they do. Have been going to all their locations with my family since they opened. The meatballs, tenderoni pizza, and now the chicken parm...it gets better every time. Just talking about it makes me want to go there. Plus they are really great guys.  

I am also really enjoy Valencia In Norwalk. Fresh, fun and delicious. They have a great brunch and empanadas to die for. So many choices it's hard to chose which, so I get a bunch. 

Do you have a favorite local bar or watering hole?

Not a big drinker. Enjoy any place that has High Life bottles (we do!). Would rather go to one of CT's great breweries. Had a blast at Two Roads and Black Hog. 

How about a secret hole in the wall or as of yet undiscovered (by us) gem?

I've been going to Sandwedge Deli on Route 7 for years. When we were under construction, we would get lunch from there every single day. They have the best sandwiches that I know of. Really good people. Fantastic Rueben but my favorite is a classic ham and cheese grinder. I'm a simple man. 

What’s your favorite restaurant in the tristate area, excluding Connecticut? 

My girlfriend lives in NYC so we are always trying some awesome restaurants. My favorite would be Barbuto. Chef Jonathan Waxman's roasted chicken is the best chicken I've had in my life. That goes for those crispy potatoes too. Phenomenal meal in a great neighborhood in the city. We went to a special meal there where Tom Colicchio cooked with Chef Waxman and it was the best meal I have ever had in my life. The place is really wonderful. I recommend it to anyone who goes to NYC.