Hidden Gem: Ki Delicia Brazilian Bakery / Deli in Bridgeport Is All Delicious

Steve Urena

Beginning her journey as a chef in Switzerland, Ki Delicia’s owner Fernanda Ferreira had the drive and determination to turn her dreams into a reality by coming to America with nothing but a suitcase and two sets of clothes. Fast forward to 2016, and her customer base has grown exponentially with people traveling from all parts of Connecticut just to get a taste of her incredible edibles. Upon visiting this hidden gem, I witnessed customers lining up around the block in their cars just to get their breakfast essentials. As a family run business both her son and her daughter, Clara Gaspar, help out with the intention of helping Ki Delicia thrive. “I think it’s still a hidden gem to many,” says Clara Gaspar daughter of owner Fernanda Ferrara.

When walking into Ki Delicia Bakery and Deli, you are drawn in by the welcoming aroma of Brazilian delights. Travel a few steps more into the building and it feels like home. Almost immediately, I was greeted by Ferreira and her staff who welcomed me into the establishment with a warm and welcoming presence like a mother who invites guests into her humble abode. 

As I took in the ambiance of the bakery, I noticed that Ki Delicia truly has something for everyone. While the place is known for its bakery, Ki Delicia also has a butcher shop and a mini-market complete with a variety of household items featuring Brazilian products. The amount of options to choose from in Ki Delicia has been part of its appeal; they just hosted an anniversary party to celebrate its ninth year in business.

The menu boasts a diverse amount of options, each adopted from Brazilian culture, complete with all-natural ingredients. The delicatessen owner collects only the freshest items for her restaurant and starts her days bright and early to make sure of that. 

“This came out of nothing,” explained Ferreira, “in the beginning it wasn’t a bakery, it was only a deli. We started with a little oven to make the bread and today, I’m here. I always make the food and have quality.”

On the dessert front, Ki Delicia makes your mouth water with delicious desserts from coconut bread, to custards, to flan, to one of its passion fruit mousse. They have an assortment of cakes for every type of celebratory occasion, or a simple slice of cake or pastry to enjoy with a cup of coffee. 

I sampled a number of desserts and highly recommend the brigadeiros, a small chocolate pastry that delivered just the right amount of sweet. Other sweets that are offered include Prestigio, a chocolate cake filled with condensed milk and coconut, Arroz Doce, a rice pudding and Acai Na Tigela, a Brazilian dish made from Acai Berry. All of the Ki Delicia’s confections are made with a big dose of love by a chef who appreciates her customers.

For those who want to experience other Brazilian food items on the savory side of things, Ki Delicia has a meat market. Stop by and order the picanha (called the tri tip in the U.S or the rump cap). In Brazil, picanha is the most treasured cut of beef due to its leaner quality, deep flavor and juiciness. 

Ki Delicia also makes great empanadas and great sandwiches. I tried the egg white and grilled chicken sandwich with lettuce, tomato and mustard, topped with cooked sausage; a completely and utterly delicious breakfast. They also cater to the more health conscious customers with natural juices (like freshly squeezed orange juice) and fruit smoothies. “I love to eat here and I just want to make it known to as many people as possible,” says Fernanda

My experience at Ki Delicia was incredibly positive and I highly recommend paying Ki Delicia a visit.

200 Beers Street - Bridgeport, CT

(203) 870-4414