Spring Saketini Cocktail Recipe from Kawa Ni

CTbites Team

It is rumored that the saketini came into being when chef Matsuda San, arriving in Queens for the World's Fair in 1964, unveiled a primitive version of the cocktail. Craig Ventrice, mixologist for Kawa Ni in Westport uses fresh spring sugar snap peas and a hint of lemon in his recipe, giving a vibrant (and slightly addictive) twist to this classic drink. Can't make it to Westport? Craig has been kind enough to share his recipe below

Saketini Cocktail Recipe

1.5 ounces Sugar Snap Pea infused Ginjo Sake

.75 ounces titos vodka

.5 ounces Cocci Americano

.5 ounces Lemon Zest / Cardamom Syrup

2 dashes Lemon Bitters