Cake By Franck French Patisserie Opens at Foxwoods

Hope Simmons

It’s whimsical, delightful and delicious—a French patisserie blended with New England style and sensibilities that’s now part of Foxwoods Resort Casino. From edible art in all shapes and sizes to a rainbow of macarons to smiling brownies, creativity abounds at Cake by Franck.

Franck Iglesias started working in a kitchen at age 14. Also a chef, his father warned him it was no easy way to make a living. With days that can last 18 hours and sometimes end at 2 a.m., Chef Franck is no stranger to hard work. But pastry is his passion, and it’s obvious even before you set foot in his new store.

Peering through the window, a giant chocolate pirate rabbit tempts you to take a closer look. Once you’re inside, where to begin? Domes upon domes of croissants (chocolate, almond and coconut, thank you very much), pastries and cookies await along with an assortment of chocolates so artfully designed, they’re almost too beautiful to eat. But resistance is futile.

Because we first eat with our eyes, feast yours on what’s in store at Cake by Franck.

Mini Mac’Burger: Macaron shell, chocolate whipped ganache, raspberry gel, white chocolate “cheese”

PB&J Éclair

Sugar brioche

Smiling Brownies

When Chef Franck is home, his wife is the cookie and brownie baker, along with his three kids, who like to help out. So, when he’s not working with all his tools of the trade close at hand, he prefers to cook. Of course, he brings treats from work as well. Why wouldn’t he?

And speaking of bringing treats home, let’s talk about cakes. We were invited to decorate our own as part of a special event. One came home so we could sample right away. The other will be flash frozen and shipped for us (via “Air Franck”) to enjoy three days later. You can order cake for shipment through the resort’s call center at (860) 312-3000. But if you find yourself at Foxwoods, definitely stop by to indulge in person.

Cake by Franck is located on the concourse level of the Great Cedar Hotel.