“Fresh” Décor Ideas for Spring via The Local Vault Luxury Consignor (sponsored post)

CTbites Team

The Local Vault is an online luxury consignor of home décor and furniture offering easy access to a curated collection of high-end furnishings, bridges the gap between brick and mortar and online shopping with its personalized service, it’s like shopping with your best friend.

Eating “in-season” is a major movement in food right now, and it completely makes sense. Why would you want to eat last season’s previously-frozen produce if you can have something picked fresh from the garden instead? 

The same principal applies to home décor. There’s a seasonality to it, meaning that certain styles just aren’t right for certain seasons, like wool throw blankets in the summer, for example, or linen when it’s -5 outside. The solution: Think about your home the way you think about your salad bowl (yep, we just made that comparison!). You want to fill it with what feels fresh now.  

Here, a few examples to help you fill your home with life this season. 

1. Bring the outdoors in. Spring is all about renewal and growth in nature, and the season’s buds and blossoms are too pretty to simply admire through your window. The easiest way to give your space an instant, springtime pick-me-up: create a centerpiece with a few budding branches clipped from the backyard, or simply pick up a bouquet of tulips at your local market.  

2. Think in color. Forget winter white (and anything else that reminds you of snow or cold).  Instead, swap out your neutral throw pillows and accent pieces for a new color scheme…one with actual color. A few of our favorite hues for this season include shades of lilac and lavender, mixed and matched jewel tones, and deep shades of turquoise blue.  

3. Go green. We’re all for sustainability, but right now we’re talking about green, the color. Shades of green are synonymous with freshness and life (just look in that salad bowl!), and adding the tone to your décor creates a vivacious feeling that perfectly suits the season. You’ll find plenty of options for adding the hue to your space, but we love tropical botanical prints like palm and banana leaf, as well as accessories made from malachite. 

Now, go make a salad and get inspired. 

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