The Winter Tasting Menu at Community Table

Amy Kundrat

Community Table’s Executive Chef Marcel Davidsen has crafted a transcendent winter menu that is an appropriately hearty take on the restaurant’s sustainably-driven roots. The menu has always borne a Nordic edge, and Davidsen often mines his Danish heritage heightening this influence. Unlikely yet harmonious pairings (white chocolate, sunchokes and oysters, anyone?) and distinct plating are also the restaurant's signatures. 

"My Danish roots plays a strong role in the thought process of developing a new dish, sometimes it can be the Scandinavian simplicity in presentation other times it can be the flavor profile, or a childhood memory," said Davidsen.

Community Table's dishes and its atmosphere are the unique result of a team effort. "Everybody plays an important role in developing a dish, I encourage my cooks to test and research as much as possible. We have some really great talent which I'm forever thankful for," said Davidsen.

For adventurous diners, a tasting menu has found its way back into the restaurant’s rotation. Although you can order a la carte, I highly recommend putting your faith in the kitchen, setting aside the menu, and letting the Community Table team cook for you. 

Here is a recent ten course tasting meal that was just too good not to share.

Photos: Liz Dorney

Champagne: Pistachio & White Sturgeon Caviar


Brussel Sprout: Community Table Honey & Meyer Lemon

Two Oysters: Kohlrabi & Smoked Bacon


Sunchoke Soup: White Chocolate & Pink Pepper


Venison & Razor Clam Tartar: Grilled Leeks & Trout Roe


Main Day Boat Scallop: Fermented Cucmbers & Pickled Shiso Leaf


East Coast Halibut: Fennel & Fresh Cheese


Wood Pigeon Liver Pâté: Salted Plums & Preserved Berries


Earl Grey Cake: Roses & Mint


Dark Chocolate Tartlet: Sea Salt Caramel & Hazelnut Ice Cream