Matt Storch To Open Vietnamese Restaurant in Black Rock, Bridgeport

Stephanie Webster

This just in! Matt Storch and his partners at The Noodle Group LLC have purchased the old Home on The Range location at 2992 Fairfield Avenue in the Black Rock neighborhood of Bridgeport. Storch says “I’ve been looking to launch this idea for five years now and this spot seemed like a perfect launching pad so we jumped on it!” The concept is Vietnamese done easy with all day service and a small menu of Vietnamese classics including pho, banh mi, spring rolls, banh bao and amazing rice & vegan dishes. “We are trying to introduce the mainstream to Vietnamese food,” says Matt, but Chef Storch will not be the guy in the kitchen this time. The concept is built entirely around his boys’ Vietnamese grandmother, Ty Phung. “No one cooks better Vietnamese than my mother in law.” (Readers: If you attended our CTbites' Vietnamese Pop Up dinner at Match back in 2014, you know Ty is the real deal.)

Joining Storch for this new project are his partners from Match, Jason Wojnarowski (owner of the epically delicious Donut Crazy), and Susan McConnell. With Wojnarowski in the mix, donuts were a must. In fact, a special selection of donuts, (some Vietnamese inspired) will be a part of a larger breakfast program featuring Vietnamese coffee, breakfast sandwiches, and of course pho and congee starting at 7AM. 

This Vietnamese newcomer will have quick service, counter seating, and will be very take-out friendly. Down the road, Storch envisions curb side pickup along with an option for local delivery.  

The design for the new digs will take advantage of the building’s exposed brick layered with anime meets street tag art.

Chef Storch says to give him about 2-3 months to open, but the Black Rock neighborhood is in for a treat. 

CTbites will keep you posted on the final menu as well as timeline for opening day.