White House Honors New Haven Sushi Chef, Bun Lai of Maya's Sushi, for Sustainable Seafood

CTbites Team

This just in from NPR...

One of the most unique dining experiences can be found at a restaurant in New Haven, Connecticut and this the owner and chef will be recognized by the White House for his innovation.

Miya’s sushi restaurant has won numerous awards for Bun Lai’s creative and original menu. He uses sustainable seafood, invasive species, and plant-based ingredients.

He’s now among 12 people from across the country being recognized as White House Champions of Change for Sustainable Seafood.

"One of the cool things is that it’s happening in a small city -- in the city that I grew up in," said Lai. "This is a city that embraced ever-evolving, changing, and innovative cuisine."

Lai’s commitment to sustainability has put the restaurant in the international spotlight making it the world’s first sustainable sushi restaurant.

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