Brick + Wood’s Mobile Wood-Fired Pizza Oven

CTbites Team

There's a new pizza "truck" in town, one with built-in street creds. Brick + Wood Pizza in Fairfield has set its pizza making in motion with a mobile wood-fired pizza oven, custom designed by acclaimed fourth generation pizza artisans, Acunto Forni, and imported from Naples, Italy.

The mobile Acunto pizza ovenmirrors the wood-burning one in-house, ensuring the same tasty pizza is available no matter where it is prepared. The oven reaches over 1,000 degrees in temperature in a short period of time with an overhead flame cooking the pizzas in 90 seconds or less. The surface is made of volcanic brick, which is more porous and prevents the crust from burning.

Last fall Brick + Wood’s Neil Ward and Alex Dugas became APN Certified Pizzaioli after working with famed pizza maker Roberto Caporuscio, mastering their artful work as pizza masters and adhering to authentic pizza-making procedures approved by the Associazione Pizzaiuoli Napoletani, ensuring the authenticity of the pizza, from the dough method, to the sauce and cheese, and each pizza creation.

For information about booking the Brick & Wood's mobile pizza oven for your next event, call 203-939-1400 or email