Prime Restaurant from Huntington, To Open in Dolce's Stamford Location

Emma Jane-Doody Stetson

Last week, CTBites reported that Dolce in Stamford had been sold to Bohlsen Restaurant Group, the team behind Prime in Huntington, NY Today CTBites can confirm that the space that once housed Dolce will soon be transformed into another location of the popular Long Island restaurant.  I had the chance to speak with Michael Bohlsen for an inside peek at what’s to come.

Prime, billed as an “American Kitchen and Bar,” opened in 2006.  The restaurant group operates seven other related locations, with an eighth set to debut in February.  Stamford’s rendition of Prime will make nine.  Bohlsen hopes that this newest installation will be open before Memorial Day.

“The Stamford location of Prime will be a little bit different, but the concept will be the same,” explains Bohlsen.  He says that the restaurant’s menu includes steak, seafood, a raw bar, and sushi.  20 percent of the menu is seasonal, which allows them to maintain a level of consistency while still getting creative with fresh ingredients.

Since seafood lies at the heart of the restaurant, the new location’s waterside location perfectly captures Prime’s essence.

“The water will mix well with all of our elements,” Bohlsen says.  In fact, Prime’s Huntington location already has a following of Fairfield County boaters.

“Residents from Stamford and Greenwich often take their boats across the Sound and dock at Prime for a meal,” he reveals.  This was another reason Stamford seemed a natural choice for expansion.

Prime’s flagship location is closed for lunch.  However, Bohlsen anticipates that the Stamford location will be open throughout the day.  He notes that Fairfield County has a vibrant lunch and brunch scene, and they are eager to be a part of that.

They also plan to have an exciting happy hour with specials and live music.  The original Prime location has jazz during the day on Sunday and reggae in the evening.  Bohlsen thinks it would be fun to continue that here.

“We take pride in food, service, and the quality of our beverage service,” Bohlsen affirms.  To uphold his vision, they will bring some of their current team to Stamford to help “kickstart the culture” of Prime.  However, they also want to hire from the local community.  Prime will stay true to its spirit while embracing what new setting has to offer.

One way they plan to invoke Connecticut is through the beverage program.

“Whenever we can use local beers and wines we do,” says Bohlsen.  He is very excited by Connecticut’s assortment of breweries and eager to learn more about them.

The drinks menu will also feature a seasonally inspired craft cocktail list.

Once Prime opens in Stamford, it will function as a year-round restaurant.  It will make use of its waterfront location during the warmer months, with dockspace for boats, outside dining, and more.  Around October 18, attention will turn indoors.

“We just closed the deal a few days ago!” Bohlsen laughs.  Still, they enthusiastically looking ahead and excited to debut the Stamford location.

CTBites will keep you updated with developments on Prime as it unfolds!