The Stand Juice Company Opens 3rd Location in Westport, CT

CTbites Team

The Stand Juice Company, whose mantra is, Life, Fueled by Plants, is about to open its third location in Westport, CT. 

Carissa and Mike Hvizdo, are the life force behind Fairfield County’s feel-good The Stand Juice Company. The Stand has been serving up plant based juices, snacks, sandwiches and baked goods since 2005. The business has flourished over the last 10 years and the duo’s standing within the local sustainable food community is palpable among industry jocks, farmers, and loyal consumers. 

The excitement surrounding The Stand Juice Company’s newest location at 1200 Post Road East in Westport only further celebrates the enjoyment and healthful benefits people have been experiencing since Carissa and Mike first made their mark in the organic juice world in 2005 with their original location on Wall Street in Norwalk.

“We had no idea what we were doing, “ admits Carissa, “All we knew was that we believed in our product and we had an opportunity to introduce an organic, GMO free, sustainable, vegan based product to people who were hungry for a healthful food alternative.”

The Stand Juice Company first became known for their juice cleanses. It started at a time when this relatively new method of detoxification was somewhat misunderstood and often misguided. Carissa and Mike took clients through the process, educating them to the numerous health benefits the various juices possessed. Their only advertising was word of mouth, and soon this quirky little juice stand was enjoying a steady stream of clients who craved foods that lifted them up, rather than dragging them down.

Upon the success of the juice cleanses, more menu items were added, as was a dedicated team of “juice jockeys” and a cook to spearhead things in the kitchen with Carissa.  The Stand Juice Company opened their second location in Fairfield in 2011 and moved into new digs in South Norwalk in 2014. The locations all boast a minimalist, while homey and slightly bohemian style décor, and offer freshly made juices and blended drinks, as well as prepared foods to grab and go such as; gluten free baked goods; seasonal hummus with veggies, nuts and olives; a variety of soups; zucchini sesame noodles with fresh herbs; roasted chickpea roll-up with fresh ginger, local maple syrup and tamari, onion and kale; and a Caesar-ish salad made with romaine, toasted pumpkin seeds and cauliflower croutons with a Caesar-ish composed dressing of capers, lemon, kelp, olive oil and sunflower seeds.

The Stand Juice Company is the real deal. Produce and other ingredients are sourced locally and is the product of Carissa and Mike’s close relationships to the many local farmers and artisans throughout Connecticut.  Hideaway Farm, the couple’s own 15-acre farm on the banks of the Connecticut River, is a working organic and sustainable farm. Hideaway is a zero-waste, no-dig farm that uses the pulp and scrap produce from The Stand Juice Company to feed the herd of rescued farm animals. Their manure provides nutrient rich top soil for the fruits and vegetables the farm grows for The Stand Juice Company and other restaurants throughout Connecticut.

Carissa and Mike are excited about their new Westport location and the opportunity to provide organic plant based foods and juices to people who have already, or have the desire to start incorporating healthy eating into their lifestyle and who have a healthy outlook and appreciation for the land around them.

WESTPORT OPENING DAY – September 18, 2015

1200 Post Road, Westport CT 06880