Plan B Burger Bar Opens in Fairfield CT

James Gribbon

Burgers, beer, and bourbon are all girders in the framework of the American soul. Melting pot, mixed salad, however you'd like to characterize who we are as a nation, there aren't many spots on the map where our divisions don't disappear at the three Bs. Now that Plan B Burger Bar has officially come to Fairfield, there are fewer areas in Connecticut where all three of these cornerstones can't be had in the same place. CTBites was there a night before the official opening to bring you your first look.

Fairfield's is located at 1262 Post Road, in a 4,600sq. ft. building which used to be a post office.

“The old post office is the perfect spot for us; it’s a historical building in town that’s meaningful to the community. We’ll maintain and preserve the integrity of the property, while breathing some new life into the space. It’s the ideal fit for our burger concept because we offer high quality food with approachable pricing that compliments the current offerings in the area,” Shawn M. Skehan, co-founder and president of Locals 8 Restaurant Group, told us when CTBites first brought you the news.

Plan B spaces all look slightly different, and the Fairfield location will seem familiar to anyone who has been to other locations, but it also looks like a mature form of the design. A large bar still dominates a good portion of the space to your left as you walk in, but a lot of afternoon light filters in through the amber liquid in bottles behind it. Booths are almost everywhere else, sunken into grottoes of brick, or raised up against the back wall - and its cow hide mural - which overlooks both the bar and dining area.

We didn't see a finalized menu at the event, which happened on Friday, July 24th, but it should be finalized by the time you read this.

Plan B Burger Bar, 1262 Post Road, Fairfield; (860) 231-9928,

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