Annabelle's Natural Ice Cream Now Being Sold @ Gingerbitz in New Canaan

Jeff "jfood" Schlesinger

In a town that offers the best gelato in Fairfield County, New Canaan has been void of the same quality ice cream. That has now changed as Gingerbitz on Elm Street is now selling scoops ofAnnabelle’s Ice Cream from Portsmouth, New Hampshire. When I heard the news I headed straight to Gingerbitz to sample.

Nestled alongside the cakes, pastries, woopie pies and the Stumptown coffee, Gingerbitz offers four rotating varieties. With the scorching temperature this past weekend, there were several people lined up to order a cone or a cup of the current selections; Triple Chocolate, New Hampshire Pure Maple Walnut, Raspberry Chocolate Chip and Salty Caramel. A quick look on Annabelle’s website describes the ice cream a “super premium, 16% butter fat, kosher®, natural ice cream with NO additives or artificial colors.”

Each of them were extra-creamy, dense and full of great flavors. The chocolate was my favorite. The richness of the chocolate was elevated by chocolate chunks and a dark fudge. Close behind was the salty caramel. The vanilla base was reminiscent of the great flavored vanilla ice creams of my childhood, and the caramel and chocolate were fantastic additions, there was a scant background of saltiness. I also really liked the raspberry. The sweet combination of the mildly sweet raspberry ice cream was joined with delicious chunks of chocolate. The maple walnut was also good, a little sweet for me and I have never been a huge fan of nuts in ice cream. Others I spoke with told me it was one of the best they have ever eaten.

After almost twenty years of waiting, New Canaan finally has a great ice cream scoop location. 

155 Elm Street - New Canaan CT (203) 801-0281