Miya's Sushi Announces CSA/Fishery Limited to 12 Memberships

Amy Kundrat

Photos: Andrew Sullivan

Miya's Sushi in New Haven, led by Chef Bun Lai, is launching a first-of-it's-kind CSA/Fishery set to launch this August. Membership includes a monthly delivery of 6-8 servings of seafood for 5 months at a cost of $800, with delivery included (free to New Haven area, additional costs may apply to regions beyond). Here is the announcement and details from Bun Lai:

Miya’s Sushi is thrilled to announce the first installment of the member-driven Allies in Sustainable Food. This first season will be limited to a dozen memberships, beginning in August and ending in December of 2015.

By being a member of Allies in Sustainable Food, you are supporting the experimentation and research of a small, local, innovative restaurant. Due to high food and labor costs, Miya’s operates on a thin margin, so your financial support will go directly into the development of our most groundbreaking off-the-menu approaches to sustainable eating.

As a member, you will be the first to experience these innovations. Each month, you will receive an ASF package containing approximately six to eight frozen servings worth of highly nutritious, tasty, abundant but under-utilized seafood, along with preparation suggestions. You will also receive a wide range of new creations, ranging from wild plant-based seasonings and teas to kelp-based sauces.

One of our current projects is creating a line of probiotic kelp-based sauces with a social impact: all of the kelp used for the sauces will be farmed by underemployed seaside communities in Mexico, providing them with sustainable employment. Owing to the kelp base and the probiotic creating process of fermentation, these savory sauces are far more nutritious than anything on the market today. As a member you will be taking part in this exciting project and many coming developments.

Biography: Miya’s is the first sustainable sushi restaurant in the world, lauded for the creation of the first plant-based and sustainable seafood menu with an emphasis on nutrition. Miya’s has been featured in print media such as Eating Well, Prevention, Outside, The New Yorker, and National Geographic. Most recently, Miya’s was honored to have received a mention from Vice President Joe Biden and Time Magazine. Bun Lai’s article about invasive species is featured in this month’s Scientific American Magazine. Bun Lai is a 2013 James Beard Foundation nominee.

Membership price (includes delivery in and around New Haven county) is $800. Deliveries to faraway destinations can be arranged for an additional fee that cover Federal Express service. Payment can be made by check or by credit card. If you have any questions or would like to enroll, please email Chef Bun at miyassushi@gmail.com