Outstanding In The Field Tickets Go On Sale Friday March 20th

Stephanie Webster

Mark your calendars. On Wednesday, March 20th, the first day of spring, tickets will go on sale for the 2015 season of Outstanding In The Field.Buy tickets here and do it fast! These go quickly. 

CT will host 3 events this year. The Hickories will host Chef Jennifer Balin of Sugar & Olives on Sept. 8th as well as Chefs Holly Michaud & Scott Ostrander of Mama’s Boy on Sept. 9th. Day 3 will be at Waldingfield Farm with Jason Sobocinski of Casseus Fromagerie & Bistro.

"Outstanding in the Field is a roving culinary adventure– literally a restaurant without walls." Their mission is to re-connect diners to the land and the origins of their food, and to honor the local farmers and food artisans who cultivate it. The other meaning of Outstanding in the Field is outstanding as in the best. 

The Hickories: Tuesday, September 8th @ 3 pm

Host Farmer: Dina Brewster, The Hickories, Ridgefield, CT

Guest Chef: Jennifer Balin, Sugar & Olives, Norwalk, CT

Dina Brewster comes to farming from poetry. She quit her job as a poetry teacher to be a farmer. Dina’s place has a real New England feel -- lots of trees, tumbled stone fences, a pretty pond and an old clapboard barn. Dina’s background translates into particularly poetic powers of description, and her farm tour is definitely a highlight. When we reach the table, we’ll enjoy a feast prepared by Jennifer Balin of Norwalk’s Sugar & Olives.

The Hickories: Wednesday, September 9th @ 3 pm 

Host Farmer: Dina Brewster, The Hickories, Ridgefield, CT

Guest Chef: Holly Michaud & Scott Ostrander, Mama’s Boy, Norwalk, 

Restaurant Owners: Greer Fredericks and Amiel Dorel

Chefs Holly and Scott of Mama’s Boy has brought the South further North, and we’re putting her out in the field. After a tour of this beautiful spot, where Farmer Dina Brewster tends all sorts of fruits and vegetables and raises pastured lamb, pigs and goats, we’ll sit down at the long table. Southern charm will meet Northern ingredients.

Waldingfield Farm: Thursday, September 10th @ 3 pm 

Host Farmer: Patrick & Quincy Horan, Waldingfield Farm, Washington, CT

Guest Chef: Jason Sobocinski, Casseus Fromagerie & Bistro, New Haven, CT

When Chef Jason and the Casseus crew came out to Waldingfield Farm a few years ago, it was one of our favorite dinners of the year. Born and raised in New Haven, Jason is an enthusiastic lover of all things local. Farmer brothers Patrick and Quincy have an interesting story to tell. A stroll around the property ends at our table on the hill. The view is exceptional; the meal will be, too.