Fairfield gets Freshii! Nutritious Healthy Food For People On The Go

Jessica Ryan

Fairfield has worked its way up the food chain, offering all sorts of great dining opportunities for those with even the most discerning palates. With all the new restaurant openings, there was one thing that was lacking in the town’s culinary offerings; a really good health-food based option. Until now - enter Freshii.

Sandwiched in between The Fairfield University Bookstore and Chef’s Table is Freshii, recently opened by owner Jonathan Blob who also owns the Westport location. Although word had not yet really gotten out, the restaurant was bustling the two times I went in, first to check it out, then when I returned to chat with Blob. 

The store, long and narrow, airy and bright, evokes a fresh, healthy attitude. Bright green, leaf-colored chairs are neatly lined up against the long counter space on one wall just below a large mirror reflecting the words...EAT. ENERGIZE. from the opposing wall. The light woods and grass-like covered wall lend themselves perfectly to an eatery of this type. A large menu board lists many and varied options. There are choices for breakfast, smoothies, juices, salads, wraps, bowls, soups and burritos. Items can be ordered as listed or re-created any way you desire, with a simple checklist that you use to create the combination of your choice. There are vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options. The diverse menu caters to all flavors and dietary needs.

On my first visit I selected The Southwestern Soup. The broth was perfectly seasoned, not too salty yet enough to make it very flavorful. In it was a generous helping of brown rice, broccoli, tomatoes, corn and aged cheddar. I had the option of adding a protein but I decided against. The vegetables were crisp and fresh. The serving was very generous. It could have served 2 but I decided to save some for leftovers. I also ordered the Mediterranean Bowl, a mixture of quinoa and field greens topped with red onions, Kalamata olives, feta, cucumbers, roasted red peppers, tomatoes, cilantro, almonds and a red pepper sauce. Again I was asked if I wanted a protein and I declined. I wouldn’t change a thing! The flavors melded together perfectly. Again I had leftovers, but my middle-schooler got to them before I could!

I returned the following day to talk to Blob and he selected a few more items for me to try. I started with the Superbiotic, an incredibly tasty and satisfying salad that consisted of spinach, romaine, chickpeas, cucumbers, sundried tomatoes, corn, artichoke hearts, red pepper and a cucumber dill dressing. I learned, from Blob, that Fairfield County has a preference for chopped salads and so all the salad offerings are pre-chopped, thus making it easier to mix, if one prefers, and eat. He also suggested I try the Pangoa Bowl, a combination of brown rice, black beans, aged cheddar, corn, grape tomatoes, cilantro, a lime wedge and a fiery bbq sauce. I dare say this was my favorite item on the menu. It was hearty and wholesome, perfect for this cold weather, but didn’t leave me feeling heavy and weighted as hearty meals often do. Siracha sauce is offered at the counter and on every table. I admit that there was a fair bit of shaking going on at my table! With over 70 fresh ingredients and dressings from which to choose, if you are in the mood for something that is not listed, you can create it yourself. 

Blob, a former finance guy, was introduced to Freshii when he was looking to make a career change. He currently owns the Westport and newly opened Fairfield locations and plans on opening a total of 7-10 more in the Westchester and Fairfield county areas in the next few years. I would best describe Freshii as upscale fast food, offering both sit down and take out options. Open not yet two weeks, Fairfield is already seeing a diverse crowd – from the Ludlowe students who wander in after school, to the Fairfield University students, young mothers, and local business men and women. This is due, I’m sure, to their heavily trafficked location. Blob told me Freshii is doing well with the dinner crowd as well which may be in part to their call ahead and pay ahead take-out service. Freshii also has a loyalty program - an app that shows where each store is located. Enter your customer profile, create, order and pay for your food using your smart phone all while earning points toward a free meal. 

Blob was eager to tell me about Freshii’s new juice cleanses. “Ours are a little bit different,” he explained. “We offer a modified juice cleanse where you juice all day and have a salad for dinner.” For this Blob offers one of the leafier, greener, nutrient dense salads which he says is “much more attainable for those who are trying to juice for the first time or those who have struggled in the past.” The program consists of 4 juices and a salad and different price points are available for 1, 3, and 5 day options.” 

As a busy mother with active and, seemingly always hungry children, I welcome Freshii to the neighborhood. It’s refreshing to have incredibly healthy, fresh and delicious choices that truly appeal to everyone and every appetite. There is even a separate menu for younger children. Prices are extremely competitive and the portions are more than generous. 

On a scale of 1-5 stalks of broccoli, I’d give Freshii 3.5 stalks. 

1499 Post Rd

Fairfield,CT 06824


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