New Canaan to Receive Artisan Marketplace

Jeff "jfood" Schlesinger

As announced in The New Canaanite, New Canaan’s local news website, Pine Street is about to receive a new artisan marketplace at 75 Pine Street, the site that previously housed New Canaan Cleaners. The area currently offers some of the best coffee in Fairfield County at Zumbach’s and two outstanding sandwich shops, Tony’s and the Connecticut Sandwich Co.

According to The New Canaanite, the owner of the property, Peter Lane of NCLC, would like to build a marketplace similar to that found in New York’s Grand Central Station. He hopes that the merchants will include a butcher, a baker and a cheesemaker, all of who would create their unique specialty foods. In addition the space will include a few seats and fireplace to relax and enjoy the foods of the artisans.

While no renderings are available at this time, the plan is to demolish and replace the structure with a new one and a half story building and be remain within the current footprint.

Stay tuned as developments are announced.