Mura Pop-Up Delivers Outstanding Ramen

Jeff "jfood" Schlesinger

Ramen is one of the great dishes of the world. Contained within a single bowl is the essence of all flavors; and the most recent pop-up restaurants overseen by Chef Mogan Anthony (Locali) just over the border into NY are phenomenal.  Chef Mogan was raised in Singapore and was captivated, at an early age, by the flavors in Asian cuisine. His early training included studying under some of the best Asian chefs.

CTbites was invited to the Pop-Up event at the Kitchen Table in Scotts Corner and the food was outstanding. The event started with a “Chicken Bun” with crispy chicken, a little lettuce for crunch, a touch of spicy sauce and a soothing cream. This simple combination presented soft, crispy, sweet, spicy, and great flavors. The second dish was “K-Town Rice Cakes” that were tubular pieces topped with sausage, dried beef, scallions and finished with a spicy sauce. The texture of the rice cakes were very gelatinous and were a delightful canvas for the sweet and spicy toppings.

These were all a preamble for the star of the show, the “Pork Ramen.” A large bowl was placed in front of each guest, filled with a super-deep beef broth, pork belly, a halved 6-minute egg and loads of noodles. Grab your chop sticks and then some noodles and “slurp” a full mouthful. Follow with a combination of broth, pork belly and egg, repeat. Each spoonful was better than the previous. The hours long simmered broth was one of the richest broths I have ever tasted, the belly was crispy on the edges and soft throughout and the noodles made for a sense of childish joy.

For those who have not enjoyed the magic of Ramen, these pop-up restaurants are a great way to indulge in this great Asian delicacy. 

For the location and timesfor future pop-ups, check out Mura's Facebook page at