[VIDEO] Marcell Davidsen of Community Table Featured at Nordic Food Festival, NYC

Amy Kundrat

Marcell Davidsen, Executive Chef of Community Table in Washington, CT, recently participated as a featured chef at the Nordic Food Festival in NYC from September 23 - 28, 2015. A native of Denmark, Davidsen's culinary style combines his Nordic sensibility, an artistic flair, and an appreciation for foraging. His signature modern dishes can be found at Community Table, the Washington, CT restaurant. In his free time, Marcell likes to forage for herbs, flowers, greens exploring the New England landscape — a habit inspired from his early years when his grandmother took him into the woods in Denmark to pick wild strawberries and blackberries.   

For those who have yet to dine at Community Table, and for those who often make the pilgramage, this vignette is a wonderful peek inside the daily life of the restaurant:

Marcell Davidsen // NORTH 2015 Nordic Food Festival from L & S on Vimeo.