Some Mighty Tasty Wings @ Archie Moore's in Fairfield

Jeff "jfood" Schlesinger

As my search for great burgers in CT continues, I always appreciate the opportunity to combine this pursuit with other culinary options. When I found myself in Fairfield, I decided to stop into Archie Moore’s Bar and Restaurant and sample its Bar Burger and while I was there, why not begin the meal with an order of wings, which are consistently voted some of the best in the state.

Archibald Moore opened his original neighborhood bar and restaurant in New Haven in 1898 and over the last 115 years expanded to four additional locations including Fairfield, Milford, Wallingford and Derby. The Fairfield location is situated just north of the Post Road at 48 Sanford St, a few doors down from the Fairfield Theatre Company. Upon entering the free standing building, you can choose a seat at the bar along the left wall or one of a dozen tables that occupy the entire right half of the dining area. Adorning the walls are nostalgic memorabilia advertising a hundred years of Coca-Cola products.

I grabbed a table next to the window and ordered a 7-piece order of wings plus the Bar Burger, medium-rare with fries.

The wings arrived. They were lathered in the traditional iridescent red Buffalo sauce with a side dish that contained the obligatory Blue cheese dressing plus a few celery sticks. I grabbed one of the winglets for that tentative first bite. Archie Moore’s sauce delivered a decent level of spiciness without killing the flavor buds. The texture of the wings was good, they were lightly coated and deep fried, with the exterior crunchy and the interior still moist and tender. They were a tad overcooked but not a distraction. The blue cheese dressing was very good, it did not overpower, but complemented, the spiciness of the sauce, by adding just a touch of tang and creaminess. After I finished the wings, there was just a slight tingling of the lips and just a few beads of sweat on the forehead. Overall I would give these wings a solid “8”.

The Bar Burger arrived. Let’s just say you should stick with the wings.

Overall, Archie Moore’s has won accolades for its wings. After my visit, I concur that these awards are well deserved. Stick with the award winners, a few beers and enjoy the ball game with friends and family.

48 Sanford Street

Fairfield, CT 06824


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