Canning, Preserving & Pickling Workshops at Millstone Farm

CTbites Team

What to do with your overly bountiful harvest? Millstone Farm has a few ideas. How about canning, pickling and preserving those gorgeous veggies and fruit? Seems daunting? Not at all. Just sign up for one of the workshops below...

Canning & Preserving Tomatoes

Sat. Sept. 27: 10am – 1pm

Join Annie Farrell and others at Millstone Farm and learn how to preserve yoursummer tomatoes so they can last you all winter long. Learn the basics of canning, freezing, and methods of storing tomatoes. Come prepared to chop, cook, can, and taste.  We will use water bath method, and discuss pressure canning.  We will tour the farm if time and weather allow. Up to 20 participants. $30 per person.

Pickles & Preserving

Sat. Oct.18: 10am-1pm

In the Millstone kitchen, farmer Annie Farrell will make pickles and preserves for wonderful winter eating. Hands on, so dress accordingly. We will tour the farm if time and weather allow. Up to 20 participants. $30 per person.

Family Day at the Farm

Sun. Sept. 28: 10am-12 pm

 Come join Farmer Jaci at Millstone Farm. Take a tour and do some chores, such as egg collecting! Meet our pigs, chickens, turkeys and sheep. Come work in the garden and see all that we grow here at the farm!  Ages 5 to 10 years old recommended, accompanied by an adult. Limited space. Rain or shine, so wear rain gear if necessary. $20 per adult; $10 per child.

To reserve a spot, mail a check to Workshops, Millstone Farm, 180 Millstone Rd., Wilton, CT 06897. Include an email, phone number and number of participants. Questions?