116 Crown 7th Anniversary Party

Amy Kundrat

116 Crown in New Haven will celebrate its 7th anniversay on August 16 with a garden party, dinner, and (naturally) some of the best cocktails in Connecticut. Admission will be $60 per person. Reservations are recommended as space will be limited, call 203.777.3116 or email 116Crown@gmail.com

From 116 Crown:

On August 16, we're going to celebrate our 7th Summer years, with our third annual anniversary party. The night prior we're firing-up the slow cookers, and at 6pm on Saturday we're going to mix-up the punchbowls and light fires and we ask that you join us to celebrate the last 7 years and look forward to the future. Admission to the garden will be $60 and we will keep the drinks flowing and the food cooking until 10 pm and you're welcome to all you can enjoy. Think of it as a family reunion without the awkwardness and embarrassing photo albums.

The Menu


Doctor Holiday
maker's mark bourbon, lemon juice, lime juice,
depaz cane syrup, fresh strawberries

Hemmingway Daiquiri
rhum clement, luxardo maraschino liqueur, grapefruit juice, lime juice, turbinado syrup

campari, maker's mark bourbon, boissierre sweet vermouth

Forth & Clyde
maker's mark bourbon, hendrick's gin,
st. germain elderflower liqueur, lime juice,
salemme chili flake, local honey

teeling irish whiskey, pavan liqueur de france, pomelo juice, berg & hauck's jerry thomas bitters

From the Kitchen & Grill

Whole Roast Pig
local pig, farm cooked in a china box over a bushel of crab apples

Guilty Pleasure Chicken
spicy buttermilk treatment

The Linguini & Clams
branford clams, 116 Crown parsley & garlic, parmigiano reggiano

Hole Baked Soldier Beans
read more on these here

Truffle Fries  

Seasonal House-Made Ice Creams


116 Crown is located at 116 Crown Street in New Haven. For more information, visit them online.