Old School Pizzeria in Fairfield c/o The Lunch Break Chronicles

CTbites Team

Photo: Keith Whamond

Hearst Newspaper's Lunch Break Chronicles is where we often go to find hidden gems in Fairfield County. Brett Mickelson recently visited the latest pizza parlor with a familiar chef—Derek Furino, formerly of Behind the Net in Darien and John Dough's Pizza Bar in Norwalk has moved on to become a partner in Old School Pizzeria in Fairfield. 

Here's the report from Brett:

This blog has followed chef Derek Furino for a while now. Beginning in 2011 when he assumed control of the kitchen at Behind the Net, the Darien Ice Rink snack bar. Continuing into 2012 when he also helped open John Dough’s Pizza Bar in Norwalk. After leaving John Dough’s, Furino returned to Nauti Dolphin at the Fairfield train station. He then helped them expand last year to The Levee at Fairfield University. This summer, as reported by the Fairfield Mirror, Furino and partner James Carroll assumed control of the same space, renaming it Old School Pizzeria. We had to give it a shot during the USA-Portugal World Cup game on Sunday.

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