Best Burgers in Stamford CT: Celebrate National Burger Month

It’s National Burger Month. To kick it off, we are launching a series of haunts and restaurants where you can enjoy some excellent burgers. For the first of this series we bring you the “Burgers of Stamford.” From basic bacon cheeseburgers to one with 100% Wagyu beef, each of these bundles of beef offers different flavors, toppings, buns and sides

Last year one Stamford location was included in the 2013 Best Bar Burger category, Dinosaur BBQ’s “Dino Burger Deluxe." Check back next week when CTbites rolls out its 2014 list of Best Bar Burgers. Two Stamford locations earned spots in CTbites’ 2013 Best Restaurant Burger category. The “Harlan Burger” at Harlan Social and Napa & Co.’s “Wagyu Burger.” We recently reviewed a strong contender for inclusion in this year's list with Olio’s “House Burger.” Check out Olio’s burger here, and come back at the end of the month when we unveil “The Best Restaurant Burgers in Fairfield County.”

Best Burgers In Stamford

Dinosuar BBQ’s“Dino Burger Deluxe” with a side of “Dino’s Poutine”

Harlan Social’s “Harlan Burger” with truly great french fries

Hudson Grille’s “Hudson Grille Burger”

Napa & Co’s“Napa Wagyu Burger” with excellent fries

Olio’s “House Burger” with Steak Fries with Truffle Salt

Plan B’s “Bacon Cheese” served “some pink”