Pig Carving Workshop & Growing Mushrooms @ Millstone Farm

CTbites Team

Millstone Farm in Wilton has a few workshops coming up that you may not want to miss. These events range from Pig Carving 101 with Chef Tim LaBant of  The Schoolhouse including lunch & cocktails to a three-hour workshop on Mushroom Cultivation. Can you think of a better way to spend your afternoon? I think not. Details are below...

Pig Carving Workshop March 15th 11am- 2pm

Millstone Farm is hosting a pig carving workshop with The Schoolhouse at Cannondale.

The workshop will be an informative butchery workshop on how to do use every part of the pig! Lunch, Cocktails, and Q&A with Chef Tim LaBant to follow (BYOB welcome). Tickets are $70.00 a person, space is limited! To buy tickets click here

Want to grow some Mushrooms? April 12th 2pm- 5pm

Zaac Chaves and Stephanie Scavelli will deliver a three-hour workshop on Mushroom Cultivation . This includes a 30 minute presentation introducing mushroom cultivation and fungi. We will display a finished sample product of both fruiting Oyster mushrooms and inoculated Shiitake logs.
Participants will be guided through the inoculation process, and can do some drilling and inoculating of the logs.
We will distribute a customized pamphlet outlining what is discussed, including how to nourish logs, what to expect and recipes. We are prepared to answer questions throughout the workshop including common mistakes and mushroom poisoning; share our own experiences; and discuss a regional history of mushroom cultivation. For those left wanting more we can highlight upcoming mushroom events. Fee $20 a person. 
To read more about about Zaac Chaves and Stephanie Scavelli click here