Cast Iron Roasted Fruits & Vegetables Recipe from Chef Arik of Le Farm

Arik Bensimon

Arik Bensimon, Chef de Cuisine at Le Farm, has always been an innovator when it comes to cooking. His roots run deep with French technique, but the ingredients always come first. We liked the simplicity and deconstructed quality of his Thanksgiving side dish. Not only is the recipe absolutely beautiful but it preserves and highlights the integrity of the seasonal ingredients. Enjoy Chef Arik's recipe for Cast Iron Roasted Fruits & Vegetables.

Cast Iron Roasted Fruits & Vegetables

Take any fruits and vegetables of the season leave them whole if possible or at least cut into pieces keeping the original shape of the vegetable. I suggest any of the following:

Honey squash










Hen of the wood mushrooms

Everything is washed, chestnuts are roasted and peeled.

Take a cast iron pan rub it with some fresh butter and thyme leaves

Arrange the fruits and vegetables in any form, scatter pieces of fresh butter on top, and a few spoons of maple syrup.

The point is not to have everything perfectly cooked but to cook all at once and enjoy the different texture and flavors at a point where you would like them. I put them in a 400 degree oven until I got some color then lowered for a bit.

Once out of the oven I put a couple spoonful of creme fraiche thinned out with a bit of buttermilk on top.

Works well as a side for the turkey, or even with some foie gras.

Happy turkey day!!