2014 Guide To Local & Heritage Thanksgiving Turkeys via FGFG

Analiese Paik

Thanksgiving is around the corner and it’s time to order local and heritage turkeys. Pasture-raised turkeys from local farms, especially rare, heritage breeds, are highly coveted and in short supply, so it’s important to place your order right away to avoid disappointment.

While heritage breed turkeys are considerably more expensive than Broad-Breasted Whites, the once-yearly splurge is worth it when your family and guests tell you it’s the most flavorful turkey they’ve ever tasted.

Almost all the turkeys grown in the US are Broad-Breasted White, an industrial breed created with the singular goal of producing a bird with more white meat that matures as quickly as possible. Although these birds don’t taste like much when grown in confinement on commercial farms, they have become so popular that other breeds of turkeys nearly became extinct.

Fairfield Green Food Guide has The Complete 2014 Guide To Local & Heritage Thanksgiving Turkeys