Dressing Room in Westport Closes Its Doors After 8 Years

Stephanie Webster

It is with a heavy heart that we report the Dressing Room in Westport has closed its doors. While we work on the full story, here are the words of Michel Nischan via their web site. Paul Newman and Michel Nischan were pioneers in the farm to table movement. Michel will continue his great work at Wholesome Wave, and we hope to see Chef Jon Vaast very soon. 

"After eight great years and hundreds of thousands of delicious, local and sustainable farm-direct meals, Dressing Room Restaurant has closed. Founded by internationally renowned chef Michel Nischan and the late actor Paul Newman in 2006, the restaurant was Fairfield County’s first farm-to-table restaurant.

We thank our customers who shared our passion and genuine interest in supporting regional growers and responsible farming methods. As a result of their loyal support, and the resulting successful 8-year run of the restaurant, there are now nearly a dozen farm-to-table restaurants gracing discerning Fairfield County palates while supporting Connecticut agriculture.

Dressing Room Restaurant received numerous awards and accolades in the local and national food press, including one of Condé Nast Traveler’s “Top 95 New Restaurants in the World” (2006) and recognition for “The Best Burger in America” by Steve Raichlen, USA Today (2010). This is a testimony to meals made with the best locally grown, artisanal and organic foods. Yet, it reflects only one of Michel Nischan’s many talents.

“Supporting local farmers’ markets, wherever you live, makes good sense. It’s a great way to feed your family well while supporting local farmers and producers. There is no better, more delicious way to create true local living economies.”  – Michel Nischan

Family Matters!

Lori and I want to thank our talented staff and their families, whose selfless dedication to our cause made the vision a reality. Nearly every team member was with us from the very beginning, and each nurtured their guests with a sense of genuine hospitality not seen in many restaurants today." --Michel Nischan