The Beer Garden at Harbor Point Hosts 2 Weeks of Oktoberfest

CTbites Team

As the hazy summer days drift away and the cool, crisp fall air sets in on the South End, so begins one of the biggest seasons for beer lovers. The Beer Garden at Harbor Point is set to launch an Oktoberfest created to mirror that in Munich. Oktoberfest, widely known as The World’s Greatest Beer Festival, is a sixteen-day annual celebration.

The Beer Garden’s inaugural Oktoberfest will run from September 21st through October 6th and will bring authentic German festivities to Stamford. The celebration promises fun for all including live music, colorful costumes and plenty of German grub. Many of the fan favorite food trucks have joined in on the party as well. Vanchetta, a new addition to the world of food trucks, will feature an authentic German menu including schnitzel and bratwurst. Pretzel fans? Do not fear: Maddy’s Food Truck promises to deliver hot, fresh and delicious soft pretzels to the masses.

Along with the German festivities, The Beer Garden will also take this opportunity to launch the fall beer and cocktail list, which will highlight not only German brewed beverages, but also those closer to home. Seasonal brews will include Hooker Munich, Sam Adams Oktoberfest, Southern Tier Pumpkin Ale and many more.
The Beer Garden assures the thirsty will be well entertained with Jägermeister Shot-Skis, limited edition commemorative steins, daily specials, contests, giveaways and more. Traditional German garments are recommended, but not required!

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