Norm Bloom & Sons' Grilled Oysters Recipe via Chef Matt Storch

CTbites Team

After eating these Grilled Oysters at the recent Fork It Over fundraiser for The Westport Farmers' Market, we decided this recipe had to be shared. Norm Bloom and Sons is based in Norwalk and they provide locally and sustainably farmed oysters for many of the restaurants in the CT area and beyond. This recipe, inspired by Norm Bloom & Sons' Oysters was created by Matt Storch of Match Restaurant, and is one you'll go back to time and time again. It's a classic that complements the natural brininess of the oysters perfectly, and everything is just better when it's grilled. 

Norm Bloom & Sons' Grilled Oysters

Serves 6

6 dozen of Norm's fresh off the boat oysters

1/2 pound soft butter

1 jalapeño minced

2 limes juice and zest

5 dashes of Tobasco

2tsp Cracked black pepper

1/8 cup of chopped crispy bacon

1/8 cup of toasted panko bread crumbs

3 T slivered Chives 

Mix all ingredients together in bowl and chill in fridge. 

Shuck all the oysters making sure to release the muscle from the shell and place them on a sheet tray lined with seaweed or salt or egg cartons so they stay flat. 

Turn on your grill (gas or charcoal) or oven to 450

Place a nickel size amount of butter on top of each oyster

Place the oysters on the hot grill or in the oven just until the butter melts and starts to bubble the oyster should be warmed through but just barely cooked. 

Start slurping, you may want to buy a few extra just in case