Foodie Road Trip: Mystic, CT for Seafood & Sweets

Emma Jane-Doody Stetson

“Cute Connecticut Day Trips.”  Search. Labor Day had left me with an unexpected day off from work, and I’d turned to Google to help decide what to do with the time.  The results came in with a definitive winner: Mystic, Connecticut.  Between an aquarium, a historical seaport, and seaside shops, the town seemed like the perfect destination.

And perfect it was.  In addition to its attractions, Mystic also holds an array of amazing restaurants overflowing with fresh seafood.  After a morning at the aquarium, my friend and I chose a place called “Go Fish” for a late lunch.  It is located in Old Mistick Village, an area of small shops and boutiques meant to feel like a colonial New England town.  We walked into a space adorned with large sea inspired murals painted in vibrant colors- almost Warhol-esque.  There was a beautiful large bar accentuated with rows of shiny glassware.  Even though it was three in the afternoon, several people were enjoying a meal or a drink at the bar.

Go Fish specializes in fresh seafood; ideal for the person wanting to appreciate the coastal milieu.  Specials included an assortment of local raw oysters and jumbo crab legs.  Guests can choose from an array of appetizers, sandwiches, soups, and entrees.  My favorite feature was that full entrees could be ordered as small plates as well.  I decided on a small plate version of their Steamed Littleneck Clams with grilled chorizo sausage, potatoes, corn, basil, grilled garlic bread.  It afforded me room for an assortment of the raw specials.  My friend went an alternative route, ordering a “Grilled Cajun Salmon Sandwich.”  Beginning at 4:30, Go Fish extends its already diverse offerings with a full sushi menu.  For those who shy away from seafood, Go Fish has a selection of meat and poultry too.

The restaurant’s beverages are just as impressive as its eats.  It merited a Wine Spectator Award for its inclusive vino list.  I was especially impressed by its wine by the glass offerings; I enjoyed a luscious Barbera d’Asti.  Although it was a red varietal, the bright fruit flavors still mad it applicable for seafood dishes.

Just across the way from Go Fish in the Village is another amazing find: Bleu Squid Bakery.  This seemingly hole-in-the-wall establishment was awarded Best Cupcake in Connecticut and has over 60 types in rotation.  In addition to traditional cupcakes, they offer seasonal treats and “adult” desserts based on cocktail flavors.  Favors include everything from M&M to Guinness to Cranberry White Chocolate.  We tried their signature “Bleu Squid Cupcake” which they describe as a “colorful vanilla cupcake filled w/ whipped chocolate ganache.”  I loved everything from the purple frosting to the iced starfish decoration to the smooth chocolate in the center.  Each bite was heavenly.  We shared it perched on stools amid close wooden walls- the quintessential small town experience.

Nearby Mystic are a host of other attractions.  Johnathan Edwards and Saltwater Farm Vineyards are only a short ride away.  Foxwoods and Mohegan Sun are close as well.  It truly it a wonderful place to get away.